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“An oil that understands local conditions is like no other – Island Strength for Island Conditions”

With the lubricant sector growing exponentially, NP’s cutting-edge Lubricants Oil Blending Plant makes it possible for Ultra Lubricants to meet the demands of local and regional markets. The markets we currently serve include Antigua, Dominica, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Marten, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Surname, Tortola, and Haiti.

The NP Ultra Lubricants brand keeps apace of new and emerging markets, customer needs and technological advances across the nation and across the region.

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“MACORP and most of its customers are successfully using NP oil and Lubricants.”

We of Machinery Corporation of Guyana (MACORP), the only authorized Caterpillar dealer in Guyana, hereby testify that we supply products to major industries in Guyana which comprise of sectors like Power Generation, Agriculture Mining and Construction.

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“N.P. Lubricants have been successfully used at the TCL MAYO plant for more than a decade.”

N.P. currently supplies a variety a variety of lubricants inclusive of Ultra Duty
15W-40, Ultra Super Duty S3 10W, 30, 40, Ultra Supermatic ATF and Ultra Hydraulic Oil 37, 46, 68, that are used in various Heavy Duty Off Highway Equipment such as Caterpillar Excavators, Backhoes, Loaders and Dumpers(Trucks).

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“The Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TG) has been using NP Turbine Oil R&O 32, manufactured by the Trinidad & Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited (NP), in our 720 MW combine cycle power plant.”

TCU facility consists of six GE frame 7 EA gas turbines and two General Electric SC5 steam turbines. NP was awarded the “first fill” contract and has been in use for approximately three (3) years.

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