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Our Additive Suppliers

“You already trust our quality products… now you know why”

The high-quality base oils and additive packages used in the manufacture of Ultra Lubricants are purchased from leading international suppliers with proven track records for superior quality. They include:

Base Oils:

  • Energy Efficient Nexbase Group III base oils from Neste (Finland) the 2nd most sustainable company in the world on the Global 100 list and the best in the Oil and Gas Industry for 2018
  • Pure Performance Motiva Star Group II base oils from Motiva Enterprises LLC which has the largest base oil plant in North America.
  • Both Base Oils are provided by oil management company Renkert Specialty Oils and Products.


  • Infineum: World-Class formulators in passenger car motor oils (PCMO) and Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil (HDDEO) additives
  • Afton Chemical 90+ years of experience in additive solutions for driveline and engines
  • Lubrizol: Leading technologies in hydraulic and industrial additives