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Guyana Promotion

Since its introduction to Guyana in 2003, the Ultra Lubricants brand has become the premier lubricants brand offering a range of internationally accredited motor oils for all classes of diesel and gasoline engines, as well as other automotive and motorcycle products. Now, through innovation and extensive market research, Ultra Lubricants takes pride in introducing Ultra Powermax 4T, our motorcycle oil which offers superior protection for maximum performance.

This product launch will be supported through an integrated marketing promotion which includes digital, radio, social media and retail advertising and offers both retailers and customers the chance to win exciting prizes from 1st March 2019 – 31st August 2019 as part of an Oil N’ Go promotion. Kicking off on 1st March 2019 the promotion includes an experiential tour from XXXXXX to XXXXXXXX? that will invite people in the local communities across the country to try the new Ultra Powermax 4T.

A high-performance oil with “Moly Trimer Technology” and specifically blended for our unique tropical climate, the Ultra Powermax 4T:

  • Offers superior protection for engine, gearbox and wet clutch;
  • Enhances lubrication for maximum horsepower;
  • Prohibits rust and corrosion of critical components;
  • Eliminates wet clutch slippage resulting in increased power and fuel economy.

Distributed by Industrial Supply of Guyana Inc., like any great product, the Ultra Lubricants brand has evolved and improved over the years, and the launch of the new Ultra Powermax 4T motorcycle oil, builds on the success, popularity and loyalty the brand has enjoyed over the years and is it a testament to Ultra Lubricants being the only brand specifically designed to meet the demands of our tropical conditions.