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Turbine Oil R & O

Ultra Turbine Oil R&O is a rust and oxidation inhibited oil and is ideally suited for the lubrication of high pressure steam turbines, governor hydraulic systems and other industrial applications where a lubricant with high oxidation stability is required.

Ultra Turbine Oil R&O is manufactured using refined hydro-treated base oils which are designed to provide outstanding lubricating properties such as high oxidation stability, low volatility and elevated flash/fire points. Ultra Turbine Oil R&O is formulated using a best-in-class additive package with a unique “Stay-Clean Technology” designed to impart the following qualities in the finished lubricants:

  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Advanced Filterability & Water Separation
  • Unsurpassed Sludge & Varnish Control
  • Exceptional Demulsibility
  • Outstanding oxidative stability
  • Low Foaming Tendency

The use of Ultra Turbine Oil R&O with “Stay-Clean Technology” would result in:

  • Protection of bearings and other metallic parts against rust and corrosion (Oil was tested with both distilled water and synthetic seawater and passed both tests. Also achieved the highest rating for the copper corrosion test).
  • Reduction in the formation of acidic products that can lead to corrosion.
  • Reduces the formation of varnish, sludge and emulsions.
  • Better oil circulation and functioning of governors and oil relays.
  • Reduced loss of suction at the oil pump which is caused by entrained air with resulting loss of lubrication of critical components).
  • Long service life.