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Ultra CNG 15W-40

The Ultra CNG is a superior low ash, catalyst compatible, multi-viscosity engine oil that is formulated for use in CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) or LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) vehicles such as buses, refuse trucks, shuttles and delivery fleets. Ultra CNG is particularly recommended for use in those vehicles equipped with Cummins, Detroit Diesel, and John Deere CNG or LNG engines.

Ultra CNG is blended from a unique combination of severely hydrotreated and hydrocracked Group II base oils and a low-ash performance additive package to meet the demanding specifications of Cummins CES 20074 and Detroit Diesel DDC 93K216.

Road Benefits:

  • Excellent overall engine cleanliness
  • Excellent protection against deposit formation on the piston crown, combustion chamber, and cylinder walls
  • Increased engine durability and reliability
  • Longer oil life
  • An optimized balance of detergency and dispersancy to provide excellent piston and engine cleanliness.