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Ultra CVT Fluid

Ultra Full Synthetic CVT Fluid is a multi-vehicle continuous variable transmission (CVT) fluid suitable for use in most belt or chain CVT applications. Formulated with synthetic base stocks to insure long life and compounded with state of the art additive technology to insure exceptional metal-to-metal frictional properties and provide outstanding anti-shudder durability.

Ultra Full Synthetic CVT Fluid is recommended for use in virtually all chain and belt driven CVT transmissions. This product provides engineered anti-shudder performance for smooth transfer of power in highly sophisticated variable drive transmissions found in many newest cars and SUV’s. Check owner’s manual for specific recommendations.

NOTE: Not for use in hybrid CVT units such as those in the Toyota Prius or Ford Escape.

Road Benefit

  • Full synthetic long life formula.
  • Outstanding metal-to-metal friction performance.
  • Excellent wear resistance.
  • Excellent low temperature fluidity.
  • Outstanding anti-shudder durability.