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Ultra industrial gear oil TK 1000

Ultra Industrial Gear Oil TK is a premium quality, lead-free, extreme pressure (EP) gear oil utilizing sulphur-phosphorus EP technology. It has the additional advantage of a tackifier which allows for resistance to flinging and the formation of a tenacious film which resists run off. It is also extremely cohesive and adhesive.

Ultra Industrial Gear Oil TK is manufactured from premium quality hydro-treated base oils, which contain lower levels of impurities, and are blended with a special “Clean Gear Technology” additive package. Without these impurities, that limits the performance of conventional base oils, the use of NP Industrial Gear Oil TK results in:

  • Anti-wear performance
  • Corrosion protection
  • Oxidation stability
  • Thermal stability
  • Anti-foam properties
  • Cleaner Gear Sets

The use of Ultra Industrial Gear Oils TK would result in:

  • Minimizing wear of heavy and shock loaded enclosed gears.
  • High load carrying capacity in steel gear transmissions.
  • Good anti-friction characteristics in steel/phosphor-bronze gear units.
  • Less downtime and longer gear-set working life.
  • Good oxidative and thermal stability in systems with bulk oil temperatures up to 100oC.
  • Minimizing of harmful sludge and emulsions.