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Ultra Multiplex (Red) EP 2 Grease

Ultra Multiplex (Red) EP 2 Grease is a lithium complex base grease formulated with highly refined base oil and specialty additives to meet severe requirements of machinery. The appearance is smooth, somewhat tacky, slightly stringy and red in color. This grease is capable of operations from -40°F to 350°F, but has a dropping point of more than 500°F. Their multipurpose properties facilitate use in a wide variety of industrial and automotive applications, operating under severe load conditions, elevated temperatures and exposure to moisture.

NP Multiplex (Red) EP Grease also has the additional advantage of a tackifier, which allows use in applications where ordinary grease will not remain in contact with, parts.

The use of Ultra Multiplex (Red) EP 2 Grease would result in:

  • Resists thinning or hardening in bearings, minimizing leakage and maintaining extended life service.
  • Specialty additives system minimizes chemical deterioration over extended periods of storage and service. Protects steel and copper alloy bearings against rust and corrosion
  • Provides effective wear protection for ball joints, drive shafts and other parts subjected to high pressure and shock loading.
  • Offers excellent low-temperature pumpability and high-temperature protection It effectively resists washout and excessive dilution by water, assuring all-weather